We’re producing our vintage sauces mostly in pre-order, on-demand batches. This means we produce what’s needed with tight margins on overproduction and thus might not be able to fulfill your order right away.

However, there usually is some level of overproduction as a safety for every batch which is then available for order via our online shop!

Our Process

Our process of choice is cold fermentation. The chili mash is mixed with salt, sugar, and possibly garlic and other ingredients and then fermented at a controlled temperature for a given time. The longer the ferment, the more complex the flavors that develop.

No two batches are really the same. Since our raw ingredients are natural products with certain variation and the fermentation process depends on environmental factors like saltiness, pH, temperature, and the (optional) starter culture used for seeding the ferment, flavors can vary quite a bit between batches.

Our goal is to offer you tasty sauces that hit the perfect balance between spiciness and flavor. The fact that the exact outcome of a given batch is never known till the end, is what makes this interesting to us and offers you an ever changing selection of flavors that never get boring.


The “LAVA” sauce legacy was started in 2016 with LAVA16 which was our first stab at a sriracha-style, lacto-fermented Habanero hot sauce. We produced a very small laboratory batch for experimentation which yielded a product of excellent taste.

We followed this up in 2017 with some minor tweaks to the recipe that resulted in LAVA17, improving on the sauce’s texture.

Encouraged by excellent feedback on the 2017 vintage we’ve decided to move forward with 2018’s edition based on a similar recipe but besides the classic Habanero flavor we’ve added Scotch Bonnet and Jalapeño to the lineup.

What did not change is the very involved process that requires daily agitation of the fermenting chilis to ensure a high quality product and the individual handling of every single bottle from beginning of production to the moment we hand it over to you.


SAMBAL - OH, LECK!” is the spicier and more solid sibling of “LAVA”. It too is lacto-fermented and based on Habanero chilis (2017) and a mix of Habanero & Scotch Bonnet chilis (2018).

Production yields of “SAMBAL - OH, LECK!” are tightly coupled to the “LAVA” production and lower volume.