We’re producing our vintage sauces in pre-order, on-demand batches. This means we produce exactly what’s needed without wasteful overproduction. On the other hand, this means we cannot fulfill your order right away. Instead you acquire options on our next production batch which will be fulfilled as soon as the production run is completed.

You can get an overview of available sauces or buy into previous and coming production batches.


The “LAVA” sauce legacy was started in 2016 with LAVA16 which was our first stab at a sriracha-style, lacto-fermented Habanero hot sauce. We produced a very small laboratory batch for experimentation which yielded a product of excellent taste.

We followed this up in 2017 with some minor tweaks to the recipe that resulted in LAVA17, improving on the sauce’s texture.

Encouraged by excellent feedback on the 2017 vintage we’ve decided to move forward with 2018’s edition based on a similar recipe but besides the classic Habanero flavor we’ve added Scotch Bonnet and Jalapeño to the lineup.

What did not change is the very involved process that requires daily agitation of the fermenting chilis to ensure a high quality product and the individual handling of every single bottle from beginning of production to the moment we hand it over to you.


SAMBAL - OH, LECK!” is the spicier and more solid sibling of “LAVA”. It too is lacto-fermented and based on Habanero chilis (2017) and a mix of Habanero & Scotch Bonnet chilis (2018).

Production yields of “SAMBAL - OH, LECK!” are tightly coupled to the “LAVA” production and lower volume.