We had a blast at camp and many more new folks than expected ended up enjoying our LAVA19 hot sauce. Turns out that a good product and word of mouth is all you need ;)

To prime or not to prime

We’re using yoghurt to kick-start our ferment, just to make sure to get it going in the right direction. This is the only ingredient that makes the sauce merely vegetarian, not vegan.

Another thing to consider is, the sauce is - technically speaking - not lactose free. This was of no concern so far, since even our really lactose intollerant peers had no problem with the sauce. To put things into perspective: there’s probably something like 0.05% yoghurt by volume in a bottle of LAVA19, down from 1% for LAVA18. With the low volume of sauce you usually consume in one sitting, making this a homeopathic experience is just a tap of the bottle away.

Turns out we were wrong. Sorry Mitch <3

We could instead go back to wild fermentation and just see what happens. That would be totally fair, since so far every batch of sauce we’ve made had different (but always excellent) flavor anyway. But we want to make sure a lactoferment successfully starts with high chance.

What if we could use a lacto-ferment starter that’s vegan (aka not milk-based) and someone else did the hard work of selecting the strain already?

Luckily three’s Lambic, or more specifically Cantillon’s Geuze. We’ve set up a small, experimental batch using Geuze that should be ready for 36C3 (if all the stars align). If this works we’ll have fully vegan and lactose-free LAVA for upcoming batches :)

Update: An earlier version mistakenly mentioned the experimental batch would be ready for 37C3. We of course meant 36C3, aka the end of 2019.


If you did not meet us at camp, were not at camp yourself or already ran out of sauce, there’s good news for you! We still have sauce you can buy!

100ml bottles of Habanero and Scotch Bonnet are available for 15 € each while stocks last.

Drop us an email to info@k23v.de to order sauce (note: shipping costs depend on how much you order).