Our products are made on-demand in small scale batches. We’re not directly selling products we made ahead of time but are instead collecting interest in the form of handed out options. Once sufficient options have been requested, we’re starting the next production batch and everyone that has previously requested an option can exercise it as soon as the batch is ready.

That’s how we ensure to only produce exactly what’s needed allowing us to minimize waste.

“Ordering” process

  • If there’s currently an open call for pre-orders or there’s capacity left from a closed call you’ll get added to the current batch.
  • If there’s no or not enough sauce left from the previous batch, you’ll get put on the list for the next batch we’ll produce.

Either way we’ll let you know exactly what’s going on :)

How to order?

Send an email to info@k23v.de with the following information:

  • Desired flavor (eg. Habanero, Scotch Bonnet)
  • Bottle size (eg. 100 ml, 300 ml)
  • Multiplier, aka how many bottles you want
  • Delivery method (eg. Pickup at CCCamp 2019, pickup in Stuttgart, pickup at CCCongress 2019, parcel shipment)


Once the sauce is made and ready for you, there’s again a few options:

  • Arrange for a pick up in Stuttgart
  • Arrange for delivery to one of the big events we regularily attend (eg. Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp)
  • Get it shipped

For reasons of sustainability and laziness we prefer not to ship individual bottles around the world. So if you really want to get sauce shipped, either order a few bottles or pool your order with a few friends.

Pickup or delivery at events we’re attending ourselves is free! Shipping is at least 5 € for destinations in Germany.